Rescue Equipment


  • Two (10' X 2") Large Ratchet Straps

  • Two Equine Lifting Hobbles (for surgery)

  • Tow Strap with a 2” snap hook and “D” ring

  • Rescue Straps - (12’ X 4”) (14' X 4”) (16’ X 4”) (18’ X 4”) with flat loop design {Available in Custom Lengths}

  • AARNet (Rescue Net) -  The net is made from high strength, rip stop mesh with a 1 and 3/4” 6000 lb webbing. It is used to package an animal on the Glide, haul cargo as a litter  and is fold-able to different sizes as a belly band for abdominal support, with multiple loops for versatility.  Currently in use by: Felton Fire Dept. CA, John & Deb Fox, Large Animal Rescue and City of LA, S.M.A.R.T.

  • 6000 lb. Nylon Webbing  (20' X 1") - for emergency cut away

  • Large (3/8” x 57”) Steel Directional J-Hook- Powder Coated Safety Yellow

  • Small (1/4” x 46”) Steel Directional J-Hook- Powder Coated Safety Yellow


The Connell Flex Guide
(The Connell)

  • 10' Long X 3" Wide HDPE Plastic Stap

  • Extremely Durable 


12" PVC rod with destictive center groove for simple placement of handle. The handle has a snap hook and rope attacked to minimize the possibility of loss. 


$85.00 USD + S&H 
as of 07/03/15


Recently we have used the new Connell Flexible Strap Guide to draw lifting straps under horses on two operations in relatively confined spaces.  We found the more flexible strap guide to be a great adjunct to the traditional rigid steel J-hooks.  Each type of tool has specific advantages over the other depending upon ground conditions and workspace.  The flexible guide also has more reach when we have to work from the "hoof" side of the animal.  Having both types of tools available on our rescue unit has improved both our performance and safety during difficult rescue situations. 


Willis Lamm

LRTC Technical Large Animal Rescue Team

Lyon County, NV

 Shank’s® Recovery Hood

 We are now offering the Shank’s® Recovery Hood as an additional componet to your rescue equipment. Please click on the PDF icon to the right to view details about the recovery hood. 

     The most versatile tool in  Large Animal Rescue  i.e. LAR is the rescue strap available in 12' , 14', 16' and 18'  lengths or ordered to preferred size. It is a 4" wide webbing (strap) with reinforced flat loops sewn at each end. The loop is lined with wear a guard material for longevity and the center line is marked on each strap. The straps are used in a rear or forward assist and when applied properly, the strap applies pressure to the skeletal structure of the animal rather than the soft tissue. (Custom lengths upon request)

     The directional J-Hooks, which are powder-coated safety yellow, are available in a small or large size. They are used to pull a strap or webbing under an animal. A ball bearing has been welded onto the Hook to keep from damaging the animal and one on the handle so the direction of the Hook can be monitored.

     The Small Animal Glide has hand holes to lift a large dog or other animal to assist in transport from car to cart or  just to move them from one location to another. The Glide, available with or without an attachment point for a haul system, is a very affordable device to have, saving injury to both animals and personnel.

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