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Detailed Description about the Anderson Sling

The Anderson Sling has a range of optional components to enhance the rescue and veterinary rehabilitation of your large animal. Leg Supports, Training Strap and Corner Straps have been designed to complement the recovery/rescue sling. 

The Anderson Sling and frame were developed for veterinary use to support the large skeletal structure of your horse when in need of recovery or rehabilitation.   Color coded attachment points at the frame and on the Sling create a "user friendly" apparatus for quick and easy installation for veterinary, rescue and recovery use.  The Sling also has a unique 4 point Face Mask/halter system designed to control and support the head. Nearly all animals have a remarkable tolerance and acceptance to the sling, often falling asleep during recovery and rehabilitation. The tolerance and acceptance also holds true of the optional leg supports.  The Anderson Sling, built with quality products, is made to perform, and just what the doctor ordered for a safe and comfortable recovery!


Some uses by a veterinarian are to support neurologically impaired animals and large animals with limb fractures that need full body support to limit weight bearing. As well as weak or debilitated animals needing support during convalescence from other muscular skeletal or medical conditions during recovery.

The Anderson Sling has been successfully used in air rescue situations where the horse must be safely and effectively restrained and suspended for transport to safety. The rehabilitation/rescue sling is manufactured in large, medium, and small sizes to fit a large range of animals with a lightweight metal frame for correct distribution of weight.  The same frame is used for all three sizes.

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