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Components for the Anderson Sling


  • Abdomen Support - Large or Medium

  • Rear Quarter Support - Large or Medium

  • Breast Support - One size fits both Large and Medium, (Small is designated for a small sling only.)

  • Face Mask - Completely supports the head with Velcro attachment points for a simple installation, attaching to the top and sides of the frame as well as the abdomen support.

  • Front and Rear Leg Supports - Designed for horses 800 pounds and up. This helps displace the weight for long term stay.

  • Adjustable Blinder – Has a calming effect on the horse during a rescue.

  • Corner Straps (set of 4) - Keeps the horse stationary in the stall by attaching the corners of the frame to the corners of the stall.

  • Training Strap - Holds the components in place while you adjust/attach the Sling to the Anderson Frame.  ​(One training strap is included in The Anderson Sling Package.)

    • NOTE: You DO NOT need to remove the Sling from your horse for exercise/therapy or transport etc. Simply remove the 2” colored snap hooks from the Frame and attach them to the training strap (color to color.)

  • Equine Lifting Hobbles - Comes in a set of two, and is used in both surgery or rescue applications.

  • Adjustable Equine Lifting Hobbles - Used with the Anderson Equine Frame.          

  • Tension Release Tool - Designed to release the tension from the V-Clips on an Anderson Equine Sling.

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