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  • Anti-rotational wire rope with certification

  • Blinder

  • Cable hardware 10’ x 2” nylon Strap

  • Drag bar

  • Small drag chute


no longer available



      When dealing with a large animal emergency situation there is an inherent degree of risk and danger which is a liability and safety issue. A number of groups have used the tripod in "emergency " situations, yet we DO NOT endorse this practice.    

      We have recently made some simple modifications to the tripod making it more secure. Some of these improvements are pins for the legs instead of bolts, adding holes in the head for attaching lead lines with webbing, as well as safety straps for the bases. We are also working on a different foot design that has proven to work on any surface.

      Even with these improvements, we DO NOT endorse using the tripod for large animal rescue, and we assume no responsibility or liability if anyone does use it for that purpose.

      There are too many unsafe practices out in the rescue/equine community for us as a company/ manufacturer to endorse or promote our tripod as a rescue device with a live animal. However, it is often used in training with a mannequin.

      Hopefully, this has answered any questions regarding the "TRAINING ONLY " position we have taken here at CDA Products.


Jerry Floyd V.P.


Supports the horse in a standing position for surgery. Currently in use at U.C. Davis.


Standing Surgical Support


(Available in two sizes)



LAL - Large Animal Lift

Contact Large Animal Lift Enterprises, 
Richard Morgan at 509-350-5844

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