Anderson Sling/Veterinary Sling

Design Features


  • Supports complete skeletal system, including the head

  • Color coded attachment points for trouble free assembly

  • Designed to perform and better built

Purposes and Uses


  • Developed for veterinary teaching hospitals, veterinarians, rescue groups, first responders and private individuals

  • Provides support during recovery, rehabilitation and convalescent care 

  • Air rescue 

Please Note: The Anderson Frame is one size for all our equine slings.  Therefore, if anyone purchases a large Anderson Sling,  he/she can also purchase a medium abdomen and rear quarter support. This frame gives him/her  the advantage of being able to rehabilitate, rescue or care for a larger range of animals. 

The small Anderson Sling uses the same frame.  However, the small Sling components are designated for small animals from 400-600 pounds and are not necessarily interchangeable with a large or medium Sling.

Anderson Sling Package

Includes the following Items


  • Frame with lifting eye

  • Abdomen Support

  • Breast Support

  • Rear Quarter Support

  • Face mask / Halter 

  • V-Clip Tension Release Tool

  • Training Strap - color coded to frame and snap hooks

  • Photo Field Guide with complete instructions


What size do you need?


Large - approx. 1100 lbs. and up

Med. - approx. 800 to 1100 lbs.

Small - approx 400 to 800 lbs.

Pony - medium foal to 400 lbs.

$4595.00 USD + S&H 
as of 09/15/2017


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NOTE: In order to successfully support an animal,  a minimum of 10 feet from the hoist to the lifting eye of the Anderson Frame will be needed.  The recovery location must be structurally sound to support the weight of the animal as well as any possible behavioral mishaps or unknowns. Respect the strength and power of the animal.


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Modified Rump Support with Padded Yellow Webbing Between the Legs