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Horse Rescue Equipment
The Rescue Glide  is a backboard for large trapped animals created by Chip Fisher.   It is an excellent tool to recover trapped animals' or move a recumbent animal, especially in rough or steep terrain as well as in your clinic. 

  • Made of high density plastic.  
  • Can be X-rayed through.  
  • 96"' x 48" x 9" or 120"' x 48" X 9"  
  • Made with aluminum and stainless steel                                                                                                     
  • Corrosion resistance.  

The most versatile tools in  Large Animal Rescue  i.e. LAR are the rescue straps available in 12' , 14', 16' and 18'  lengths, 4" wide with reinforced flat loops sewn at each end. The loop is lined with a wear guard material for longevity and the center line is marked on each strap. These straps are used in a rear or forward assist and when applied properly, the strap applies pressure to the skeletal structure of the animal rather than the soft tissue. 
The Stainless steel directional J-Hook is available in small or large sizes.  It is used to pull a strap or webbing under the animal. A ball bearing has been welded on the Hook to keep from damaging the animal and one on the handle so you can monitor the direction of the Hook. 
The Small Animal Glide has hand holes to lift a large dog or other animal to assist in transport from car to cart or to just move them from one location to another. Available with or without an attachment point for a haul system. A very affordable device to have, saving injury to both aninals and personnel.

NOTE: To purchase the Rescue Glide for Trapped Animals on the East coast contact Roger Lauze 978-687-7453 
ext. 6124 or www.mspca.org, click on the Equine Ambulance Program page.
The Trapped Animal or Horse Rescue Glide with two slip sheets shown with  optional  Rescue Straps 12', 14' 16' or 18' X 4"  wide.  Stainless Steel dirctional J- Hooks (now powder coated safety yellow) in large or small. Tow Strap. Large Rachet Strap and 2 - 20" cut aways.
     The Anderson Horse Recovery / Rescue Sling with optional leg supports.
The Basic Anderson Sling Rescue Equipment Package  includes the main steel frame, lifting eye with straps, head support, face mask, Animal breast support, abdomen support, rear quarter support and
V-Clip tension release tool for the hardware on the Sling. As well as a fully laminated photo field guide and DVD for Trapped Animals and Horse Recovery / Rescue.
     NOTE: Now Available - The  Anderson Sling with color coded attachment points on the Sling as well as the Frame.  It is fast and easy to install!
Rescue Glide  stored inside a trailer 
with the slip sheets.

Trapped Animals Recovery Equipment 
This is Irish in the Anderson sling on loan from www.rockymountianhorserescue.org
  • Front attachment points for your haul system.  
  • Side and top slots to aid in packaging the animal.  
  • Two slip sheets which can be used in tandem with the main sheet    or can be used for a improvised ramp as well as deflector.
  • Recessed S/S bolts for a smooth surface both top and bottom

Tow Strap & Haul System

Small Animal Slip Sheet/Glide (36" x 48") with or without front attachment for haul system
Shown with Optional Equippment
NOTE:  These small slip sheets can be made to your specification.
Call and talk with Jerry about  your needs.

Standardized webbing colors and lengths
MBS 6000 lbs
OUR NEWEST RESCUE GLIDE design available today.Field tested for the past 2 years....SHOWN WITH OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT