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The Anderson Sling/Veterinary Sling
The Anderson Sling and frame were developed for veterinary use to support the large skeletal structure of your horse when in need of recovery or rehabilitation. It also has a unique 4 point face mask / halter system designed to control and support the head. The animal has a remarkable tolerance and acceptance to the sling, often falling asleep during recovery and rehabilitation. This also holds true of the optional leg supports.   It is just what the doctor ordered, built to last ....and made to perform!

Some uses, by a veterinarian, would be supporting neurologically impaired animals and large animals with limb fractures that need full body support to limit weight bearing. Also weak or debilitated animals needing support during convalescence from other muscular skeletal or medical conditions during recovery.
The Anderson Sling has been successfully used in air rescue situations where the horse must be safely and effectively restrained and suspended for transport to safety.

The Anderson Sling has a range of optional components to enhance the rescue and veterinary rehabilitation of your large animal. Leg Supports, training strap and corner straps have been designed to compliment the rescue/recovery sling.      
Color coded attachment points at the frame and on the Sling create a "user friendly" apparatus for quick and easy installation for veterinary, rescue and recovery use . 

The rescue/rehabilitation sling is manufactured in large, medium, small and pony sizes to fit a large range of animals with a lightweight metal frame for correct distribution of weight.  The same frame is used for all four sizes.

What size do you need? Large - approx. 1100 lbs and up,    Medium - approx. 800 to 1100 lbs,    Small - approx 400 to 800 lbs,   Pony - medium foal to 400 lbs. 
Call today 707-743-1300  ** All sizes in stock. 
Air Rescue package includes 65 feet of anti-twist cable and hardware, 10' nylon Anti-static strap, blinder and drag bar. 
we now have Drag chutes 
Every connection point on the sling and frame are color coded for ease of application.  Making the Best  LARGE Animal sling even better. 

Leg supports for the  Anderson Rescue Sling 
are available with color coded attachment points or the previous version of  embossed leather letters. 
Our training strap/template allows the Anderson Sling to remain on the horse for exercise, transport etc. and is a great aid in the installation procedure.   A $99.00 value, and is included in Anderson Sling package.  THIS NEW VERSION  HAS COLOR CODED D-RINGS 
Equine lifting hobbles  in        (28 inch's loop to loop - set of two).
Equine lifting hobbles (40 inch's loop to loop - set of two) Made with a soft yet durable "sling" material. The D-ring is designed with a roller  for longer life.
   V-Clip Tension Release Tool  
is a standard part of the rescue package. A $38.00 value and is included in the Anderson Sling  package. As easy as 1-2-3
Pony Sling using the full size Anderson Frame with a Pony adapter bar. This allows you to fully use the Frame for a variety of applications. Currently being used on miniature horses as well as llamas and alpacas.

Large Animal Rescue Sling

                         Was:   $4795.00                 

Now:  $4395.00 USD + S&H  

    Call Today 707-743-1300 or 
  email  cda@pacific.net

  Price effective until further notice  
as of 05/06/2014

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How to air lift a horse  http://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/clubs/vert/documents/HowToAirliftAHorse.pdf
Another air rescue
 28 " loop to loop         40" loop to loop
Front leg supports are shown here, attached to the breast support, with the new powder coated, color coded hardware.

A symbol of quality for over 20 years
  • Completely Supports the skeletal system 
  • Made to last for years with proper care
  • Substantially built with strong webbing and hardware
  • Provides it's worth time and time again
  • Color coded, powder coated attachments points
  • Fast and easy to install

The Gold Standard in the Equine Industry throughout the world